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Waiting List Application Fee

An administration fee of $100 will be required with any waiting list application for a position on the waitlist for our Centres. This waitlist fee is for a single child. This fee is applied toward the initial fees payable, but is not refundable should your child be withdrawn from care, or if you are offered a position at the centre (which may or may not be your preferred days requested) and you decline it, or you decide not to enroll your child. We will refund your waiting list application fee if we have not been able to offer you care within 12 months from the date of your application.

Successful payment of $100 and the completed online or returned waiting list application will result in your child’s name being placed on the nominated centre’s waiting list. However it does not guarantee that joining the waiting list will result in an enrolment offer. Parents will receive an email notification that payment has been received and an electronic receipt will accompany the confirmation email.

Families who have joined the Waiting List will be contacted by Building Blocks Early Childhood Learning Centres a month prior to what they have indicated on their Waiting List Application for a follow up. We will offer families an enrolment where possible matching the age of the child, the number of days required and start date as indicated on the Waiting List Application. If at any stage you require to update or change the details on your child’s Waiting List Application please contact us.

Enrolment Offer

Families that have been offered an enrolment at one of our Centres will receive notification from the Centre Director. Parents will be invited to come into the centre and complete all enrolment paperwork and pay their initial payment of fees. Alternatively the Centre Director can email you an Enrolment Offer Kit and enclosed you will find information regarding your child’s enrolment. All enrolment paperwork must be completed and initial payment paid to confirm the acceptance of the enrolment. The enrolment offer is valid for 48 hours only.

The offer of enrolment will be confirmed once all enrolment paperwork has been received and the initial fees payment paid. Parents will be provided with a confirmation letter of enrolment.

We request that you read all the information correctly and seek clarification from the Centre Director should this be needed.

Initial Fees Payment

It is a condition of enrolment that your first two (2) weeks fees and a bond of two (2) weeks fees are paid at the time of enrolment and prior to the commencement date. This bond will secure your child’s position within the Centre and will be refunded to you at the time of withdrawal, following the required two (2) weeks notice. Where a bond and fees has been paid prior to enrolment to secure/hold a position and the position is then not taken up, two weeks notice is required to be given. The bond in this instance will not be refundable, and only those fees that validly fall within the two week notice period will be refundable.

For example, if a bond and two weeks fees have been paid, and notice is given one week prior to commencement that the position will no longer be required, the bond and one weeks fees will not be refundable. If notice were given two or more weeks prior to the commencement date, then the bond will not be refundable but the two weeks fees paid would be refunded. At Building Blocks we appreciate that circumstances can change at short notice, however when we reserve your child’s position we do so at the exclusion of other potential enrolments, which may not be available to us at the later cancellation date.

The initial payment is payable by Cash, Cheque, Money Order only. Parents please note that there are NO Credit Card or EFTPOS facilities at our Centres.

Payment of Ongoing Fees

Two (2) weeks fees in advance are to be paid from the first day of care. From then on fees are to be paid, in advance, on the first day of care each fortnight. Fees are to be paid by Direct Debit only. A receipt of payment will be provided or a statement issued, and must be collected as provided. Parents will receive a copy of their statements on a fortnightly basis via the email address they have provided. The fees charged will be based on the room your child attends. Fees payable do not necessarily change based upon a child’s birth day/date, but the room which they attend, as room transitions are subject to many factors and do not always occur on a child’s birthday.

Fees must be paid in full, even when there is a public holiday or your child is absent through illness, or for any other reason. When you pay your fees, you are paying for the reservation of your child’s position, not by their attendance. Your child is entitled to a number of allowable absences (currently 42) for illness, holidays (including public holidays), etc as determined by the Commonwealth Government from time to time. Whilst we understand families take holidays and time off during the year from time to time, we cannot make your child’s place available on an intermittent basis.

If you have given your 2 weeks notice and are withdrawing your child from a centre, and you wish to receive Child Care Subsidy (CCS) for the 2 week notification period, your child will need to attend during this time. If your child is absent then full fees will apply. For further clarification please contact Accounts via email directly.

Fees are not payable for the time the Centre is closed over the Christmas close down period.

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