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Early Learning Programs and Childcare to Nurture Your Little One’s Talents and Abilities

Choosing an early learning centre for your child is an incredibly important decision

Comparing opening hours, program curriculums and centre environments can be overwhelming.

Like you, we care about raising happy and talented children. We want you to feel confident you’ve made the right choice for your child’s early learning experience, knowing they are fully immersed in meaningful experiences to engage their curious minds and encourage growth and play every day.

Talk to us today about how Paisley Park can give your child the start they deserve.

Quality Education and Individual Growth are Paramount

We care about helping your child reach their full potential at their own pace. That’s why our core concepts of Live, Love, Learn are at the centre of our approach to everything we do at Paisley Park.

Your child is encouraged to learn through play, take a journey of self-discovery, embrace challenges, and is nurtured using educational frameworks that support their growth and learning.

Nutrition Fuels Healthy Minds and Bodies

When it comes to feeding your child a wholesome and nutritious diet, we know how difficult it can be to please fussy eaters and ensure there are no nasties in the food they eat.

All of your child’s meals are freshly prepared in our kitchen daily, following healthy, seasonal menus designed in consultation with our Head Chef.

Enrich Your Child’s Learning and Growth with Early Learning

This is our Live, Love Learn Quality Care Promise to you

Developing Environmental Awareness and Forming Community Bonds are Essential

Your child will thrive in a culture of belonging and through exploration and discovery. Like you, we understand your child’s need to learn, play and grow in beautiful homelike environments and exciting natural playgrounds.

We help children cultivate a deep appreciation for our unique natural and cultural environments.

Childcare Relationships and Community

Every Child Has a Unique Set of Needs and Talents

We encourage your child to be themselves as they discover their world through play and immersive experiences that challenge their minds.

Our qualified Educators take the time to get to know each child and understand their talents and interests. This individualised approach to developing our programs ensures your children are happy and inspired.

Give Your Child the Best Start at Our Early Learning Centres

With Paisley Park Early Learning Centres and Preschools located across New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia, there’s likely a centre near you that can nurture your child’s learning, growth and development.

Designed as a “home away from home,” Paisley Park wants to help you alleviate the worry, stress and anxiety of finding the right early learning centre. Like you, we celebrate and develop your child’s unique abilities, and help them become healthier and happier every single day.


3 Steps to Happier, Healthier, Confident Children

1. Make an Enquiry

Get in touch with our Enrolments Manager Jo to talk about your childcare options.

Get answers to all your questions and find out everything you want to know about your nearest Paisley Park Early Learning Centre.

2. Book a Tour

Take a personal tour with our Centre Director to see the centre for yourself.

Come and meet the team and get a sense of how things run and how the children interact with each other and their Educators.

3. Enrol Your Child

Once you’ve decided that Paisley Park is the right choice for your family, you’re ready to enrol.

At some centres there is a waitlist and we’ll add you to our priority list for when a place becomes available.

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Celebrating Happy Children and Happy Parents

“We’ve been really happy with our decision to choose Paisley Park. We get an email at the end of each day which has photos of the kids and what they’ve been doing and what they’ve been learning. We’re always getting sent home little art projects.

“When your kids spend a lot of time at childcare, you really want to make sure they care for and look after your kids the same way you would.”

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