Our Mission

Your magical journey begins the minute you enter the doors of Paisley Park. Our core concepts, Live Love Learn embedded in our mission permeate our serene surroundings, and children play. Paisley Park is not only a unique educational facility, for us it’s a way of being.

Live to belong

Core to our focus at Paisley Park is establishing a culture of belonging where the identity of our children, our families and our educators is valued, where genuine relationships are nurtured and a deep appreciation of our unique community environment is respected.

Love to be

Fundamental to our everyday practice at Paisley Park is acknowledging childhood as a special time in learning, where children are given the opportunity to ‘be’ in the moment while immersed in meaningful experiences that engage their curious minds.

Learn to become

Underpinning our philosophy at Paisley Park is the notion that early experiences shape the type of adults children become. Through active exploration during play our children experience self-discovery, embrace being challenged and critically reflect on lifelong concepts that support their future growth and learning.