Prepare Your Child for a Lifetime of Learning

Your child will learn the skills they need for success at school and become familiar with their local school with our School Preparation Program

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Help Your Child Transition to School with Confidence

Your child will build their sense of identity and positive self-esteem, which are important factors for their capacity to learn. They will develop confidence, independence, autonomy and resilience, setting them up for success at school.

Our School Preparation Program is designed to ease your child’s transition into school and help them develop a lifetime love of learning, without the first-day worries or fears (or even tears!).

Program Highlights

Our School Preparation Program is different. Most kindergarten and preschool programs only provide the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF).

At Paisley Park, we go beyond this, delivering the core curriculum of the EYLF and combining it with the National School Curriculum.

This helps your child develop the skills and knowledge that will set them up for success at school.

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Your child will experience:

  • Contemporary teaching methods aligned with the National Curriculum.
  • Specialised learning resources and technology to support school readiness.
  • Strong connections with local schools to provide learning experiences that build their familiarity with their local ‘big school’.
  • Long-term learning and lifelong success through high-quality teaching.

Our school readiness program runs daily from 9am to 3pm.

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Feedback from School Teachers and Principals confirms that joining a preparation program early contributes to a better transition to school

What Schools Say

“We receive so much positive feedback on how well prepared our children are when they transition to school. By linking the Early Years Learning Framework and the National School Curriculum, our Educators help children develop strong connections with school subjects and language.”

“Educators make these links from observing the children while they explore intentional and spontaneous experiences. Children’s interests and learning abilities are prioritised and we resource and plan for these.”

– Penny Lewis, Paisley Park Curriculum Mentor

What Families Say

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Amanda Wait

“The educators truly care about the kids & they always do their best to make the days interesting, entertaining & educational. The outside play area is freshly re-landscaped & is beautiful! It has obviously been well thought out to facilitate play based learning. My youngest is now in the kindergarten program there & I can’t believe how much he is learning! I would recommend this centre to anyone who is interested in having their kids placed in a caring, positive environment.” 

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James Kennedy

“We love Paisley Park’s staff, their gorgeous, sunlight-filled play garden and their light, safe, open-plan indoor spaces that are rearranged regularly to maintain an interesting experience for the children. They do an abundance of learning and friendship activities at kindergarten level as well as songs, literacy, numeracy, art, sport, sign language, nature play and more. They also have the best chef who sometimes even cooks with the kindergarten children! Great place.”

3 Steps to Happier, Healthier,
Confident Children

1. Make an Enquiry

Get in touch with our Enrolments Manager Jo to talk about your childcare options.


Get answers to all your questions and find out everything you want to know about your nearest Paisley Park Early Learning Centre.

2. Book a Tour

Take a personal tour with our Centre Director to see the centre for yourself.


Come and meet the team and get a sense of how things run and how the children interact with each other and their Educators.

3. Enrol Your Child

Once you’ve decided that Paisley Park is the right choice for your family, you’re ready to enrol.


At some centres there is a waitlist and we’ll add you to our priority list for when a place becomes available.

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