School Preparation Program (new draft)


At Paisley Park we believe successful school preparation not only aids effective transition to school but importantly, facilitates a lifetime love for learning and success.


Our unique and specialised program dovetails with the National School Curriculum and includes an additional focus on building confidence, independence, autonomy and resilience.


Designed by a highly regarded University lecturer and industry thought leader, our learning approach prioritises the building of children’s sense of identity, as we understand that positive self-esteem is a major factor in children’s capacity to learn.


Program Highlights


Most kindergarten/preschool programs provide the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) only.  At Paisley Park we go beyond this, delivering the core curriculum of the EYLF and combining it with the National School Curriculum.


  • Children develop strong connections with school subjects and language.


  • Contemporary teaching methods aligned with the National Curriculum.


  • Specialised learning resources and technology to support school preparation.


  • Children’s interests and learning abilities are prioritised and we resource and plan for these.


  • Available to all children prior to school entry, consistent with state expectations.


  • Strong connections with local schools to provide learning experiences that build children’s familiarity with their local ‘big school’.


  • Most importantly, our program supports long term learning and lifelong success through high quality teaching.


This program is provided between the hours of 9am-3pm daily.  Learn more about our shorter ‘Kindy/Preschool Days’.


What People are Saying




Feedback from school teachers and Principals confirms that implementing a Preparation Program early, as we do, contributes to a better transition to school.