Healthy Family Conflict Resolution & Laughter at Home

Healthy Family Conflict Resolution

Healthy Family Conflict Resolution

Arguments and disagreements pop up in families all the time. It’s a valuable part of the communication process. Healthy family conflict resolution is possible by following a few simple principles.

People don’t all think the same way, and in order to express themselves, they must sometimes disagree with another person. Here are some guidelines for resolving conflict in a healthy,  non-threatening manner (this is appropriate for both adults and children).

Get the grumble out in the open. What is the problem? All those involved in the conflict should have a turn to air their feelings. Set simple rules such as no name-calling, blaming or interrupting.

Brainstorm for possible solutions. What can we do to sort this out? Everyone gets to have their say, and contribute helpful ideas.

Take time out to think. Consider the options and decide what each person is willing to do to help resolve the conflict.

Choose a solution that everyone can live with. It may be necessary to make some compromises, but all parties in the conflict should agree upon an appropriate solution.

Put the solution into action. If it doesn’t work, or there are further problems, return to step one and go through the process again, until you find a solution that does work.

Laughter is the Best Medicine

Do you carry your parental responsibilities like a heavy weight on your shoulders?

Granted, juggling work, children, extended family, household work, and community commitments is serious stuff – but life isn’t supposed to be all hard work.

How about a little fun?

Out of practice? Look to your child for cues..

  • Have a funny face competition.
  • Do roly-polies down a grassy hill.
  • Read your child’s favourite book with a funny accent.
  • Children seem to know instinctively that laughter is good for them. They find any opportunity to giggle and guffaw.
  • If you find yourself full of negativity and stress – maybe it’s time to let your hair down and get a little silly.


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