Understanding School Readiness and Preparing For a Successful Transition



As we approach the middle of the year it’s a great time reflect on our education programs and the leaps and bounds Paisley Park children have already made in their learning and development.

Before we know it preschool children at our Guildford centre will be embarking on a new chapter in their learning, taking that big step into ‘big school’.  Whilst this may feel like an anxious path for some children, we couldn’t be more excited for them. The nature of our Preparation Program has been so successful throughout the year that we have no doubt our children will stand out as being amongst the most prepared and adjusted in their grade.

We hear the term ‘school readiness’ a lot, but what does it actually mean? Put simply, it’s a measure of how prepared a child is to succeed in school not only cognitively but socially and emotionally. That is why our approach is unique. Rather than drill children ABC’s and 123’s, we focus on emotional robustness and increasing childrens’ understanding of school culture.

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Paisley Park is very fortunate to have a very talented team of passionate educators working with the children in our centres, implementing our unique approach with a focus on the development of key dispositions such as confidence, resilience and sociability. These skills have built the foundations for childrens’ learning of other important concepts such as numeracy, literacy, science, technology and creativity, just to name a few.

Shortly we will begin offering our preschoolers School Visits and preparing Transition Reports, and will meet with parents to further discuss their child’s development. This is an important part of your child’s transition, so we hope all parents will make the time to support this process.

Of course, as our preschool children progress to the next stage in their learning, the children in our Picasso room will take their place next year as pre-schoolers. Our team team has been working diligently to prepare the children for this transition – particularly in developing their confidence – so we have no doubt they too will make great gains in their learning.

Transition is a wonderful opportunity for all our children to engage in new challenges and progress their development. In partnership with you, we look forward to be a part of all their journeys.



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