I cannot thank the staff and more specifically Bernadette from Paisley Park Melton enough for the time we got to spend there. My daughter and I were going through a really hard time with family complications and such, yet while my daughter was at Paisley Park that was one thing, I didn’t have weighing on me.

She really enjoyed her time there and she learned so much thanks to the loving Educators. The centre worked so well with the extra needs we had and were so supportive in every aspect. When you walk into Paisley Park you’re always greeted with smiling faces and a happy atmosphere, you can tell that everyone who works here really loves their job and the kids that attend the centre.

My daughter bonded with many of the Educators and was always happy to see them. I loved how genuine the staff are and I could have real conversations with everyone there, and when we ran into each other in the community too it was the same they were always happy to stop and say hi. My daughter began in the Darwin room and moved up into Mozart, the care and the encouragement received while in the rooms and through her transition really helped my daughter to thrive, in many ways she is already showing skills beyond her developmental age.

And I as a parent got to feel as if I was with her through this journey thanks to the communication level between myself and the Educators and also to the amazing daily updates through email that made me still be a part of her day, I didn’t miss a thing which I really loved. I’m truly sad that we are no longer at Paisley Park, but they will always have my gratitude for all they’ve done.

Sarah, Parent from Paisley Park Early Learning Centre Melton (VIC)


I wish to express my gratitude to the amazing staff and yourself for making our transition into Paisley Park so relaxing and welcoming.

The welcome registration pack (hat, bag and tshirt) are super cute and Aariyah looks adorable in it, she loves the fact she has “school” stuff just like her big sister!

I have found leaving her with the professional and extremely capable staff so stress free; Aariyah absolutely loves it there and greets me with the brightest happiest smile each pick up.

I enrolled her as she is quite clingy and gets distressed not being around those closest to her; Aariyah has settled in brilliantly and formed bonds with each staff member in the Mozart room. I can see how comfortable she is with each and every staff member.

For me, just seeing my baby so comfortable, relaxed and happy ensures me I have nothing to worry about as she is safe and secure.

The bonus is the friendly and fantastic staff that understand what it is like to leave your most precious little package, staff assist in any way to ensure child and parent are happy.

Keep up the good work guys! Thank you!

Angie, Parent from Paisley Park Early Learning Centre Hallett Cove (SA)


I just wanted to provide some feedback for your Box Hill Centre. I am a first time mother this year and had only planned to take my baby to child care when he was 1. After being redundant I had to change those plans in order to find time to look for work. I was so nervous to place my baby in childcare early, especially with all of the horror stories and friends I have who have had terrible experiences.

I wanted to provide some positive feedback on your amazing Centre Manager Sonia and Young who runs the Darwin/ Mozart babies room. Sonia is a super friendly, helpful and attentive manager. Just speaking to her gave me so much confidence in leaving my baby in the care of strangers.

Then when baby Hudson met Young he was immediately all smiles. Young is incredibly detailed, efficient and patient with the children she looks after. You can tell she genuinely loves what she does and she makes me feel so confident in dropping Hudson off in the mornings.

I am sure your full team at Box Hill are all quite capable but these two women in particular have put our family at so much ease. I just wanted to thank you as I was dreading this transition time and thanks to these two incredible staff members I now am able to look for work (and hopefully place Hudson in for more days when I find that job!).

Please make sure this feedback is forwarded to the relevant Directors/ Founders of Paisley Park as I’m sure they would love to hear about their incredible Box Hill Team.

Bella, Parent from Paisley Park Early Learning Centre Box Hill (VIC)


I would like to say a quick thankful, to you and all the educators, you all have made returning to full time work so easy. Both my children feel safe, Parker always comes home with lots of exciting stories and Courtney is always so excited to see the educators in the mornings. There is no better feeling as a parent than knowing when your not with your kids that they are happy and enjoying their day with people that care for them. If you could say thank you to all the educators and remind them just how much we appreciate all of the hard work they do for us that would be wonderful.

Georgia, Parent from Paisley Park Early Learning Centre Broadford (VIC)


Thank you so much for emailing the monthly newsletter, which is the most highly informative newsletter I’ve ever seen (and so professionally presented). I really enjoy catching up on the info.

Thanks also for emailing the daily reflections. They are also so informative and professionally presented. Because we are only there one day a week I guess we miss a lot of the goings on.

I am so impressed by these publications and hope they will continue and I really appreciate the time and effort you have taken to put the info together for me as a parent.

Nicole Titmarsh, Parent from Paisley Park Early Learning Centre Laidley (QLD)


I’d like to say thank you to your amazing and lovely staff. I am the first to admit that my girls can be hard to please but they have just loved their time at vacation care these holidays.  To be completely honest I was waiting for them to start whinging after day one or two!! They can’t wait until Christmas Holidays so please make sure you send me information when available. 

Helena Hartley, Parent from Paisley Park Early Learning Centre Laidley (QLD)


Hi we are the Taylors (Kelly, Nick & Sam)

I work fulltime for a Global IT company in Stressful Sales (luckily a couple of days from home) and Nick is a fly in fly out miner (FIFO ) with BHP in the Pilbara Two weeks on 1 week off. We also have a 20 acre property which we are renovating. Life for us is full on to say the least. We rely heavily on routine, routine, routine. I like to say it’s not better or worse, just different! Some days are better than others like all families. On Nick’s week off he has Sam at home and they do exciting things like go to the Tip, Bunnings and swimming. I am very fortunate to have flexible work arrangements, and a cleaner 🙂

Sam (4) attends 4 days per week (Nonna on Wednesday) and the beauty is the flexible hours I can drop him off and pick him up in line with our work commitments. Some days we don’t come till morning tea, some days we pick up after lunch, some days are long days if mum has meetings in the City. However as Penny has set such a fantastic Kinder program we are now aiming to be there at 9am each day for consistency and routine for Sam.

After 3 years at another Child Care Centre in Gisborne, and much deliberation and investigation; we decided to move to Paisley Park in December of last year. Our main reason was smaller class sizes, and a change in environment for Sam as he had been with the same Room leader and Room for 3 years. It was a tough decision to uproot him, however he settled in almost immediately. He has made new friends and it’s fair to say “the Swings” are his favourite thing! He was very proud to wear his new T-shirt, Hat and Bag and is now a proud “Kinder kid”.

Led by Penny, the team in Kinder room have a great command of the room and dealing with kinder age and a great structure of activities to keep them engaged whilst learning. The additional physical activities organised have won Sam over. Sam is a full on, nonstop, very active 4 year old boy, the girls have been great at understanding his individual needs whilst ensuring he works as part of team with the other kids. They are without doubt professionals, and deeply care about their role in developing our future society. It’s clear that they have passion for their roles and many unpaid hours go into ensuring our kids get the best care and education.

We particularly like the daily newsletter. It enables both myself and nick (from the Pilbara) to stay engaged and informed on a daily basis – we read it each night in bed with our books and it gives Sam and I an opportunity to discuss his day, become aware of any issues, likes, dislikes and have continuity at home. It also helps dad each day when we face time to have things to talk about. It has been a godsend for our family.

Needless to say the highlight of Sam’s day is meal times; your chef Jason is clearly a favourite in our house. We can’t wait for him to start his take home meal service! Another highlight was a recent excursion to a farm to see working dogs round up sheep. We are still hearing about this. The renovations are coming along nicely too, it’s a beautiful environment for Sam to run, run run as fast as you can, you can’t catch me I’m Sam I am!

Paisley Park was the best decision we ever made!


I’m so happy with how much Benny is learning and how much he enjoys going to kindy. Your team is doing such a good job and it’s great to feel part of a centre that he not only loves but where he is also learning an incredible amount….it’s not just play!  Well done to all the educators as well!

Sarah, Parent from Paisley Park Early Learning Centre (NSW)


Thank you to you all for your efforts last night. Kat’s parenting seminar was informative and helpful. She is a wonderful presenter.  The dinner was also delicious – I need to get Bella’s recipes!  You all do so much for our children already – to put on such a great event out of hours is extraoardinary.

Jane, Parent from Paisley Park Early Learning Centre (NSW)


A huge thank you to the staff at Kawungan. You do an amazing job. So much so that my son rarely wants to come home!  I appreciate all the hard work and dedication you put in to provide a safe, happy and enjoyable place for my sons to be cared for educated. Thank you to you all!

Danielle, Parent from Paisley Park Early Learning Centre (QLD)