School Holiday Program Laidley

Designed for ages 5 to 12, our all-inclusive vacation care makes it so easy for you and fun for your child — all you have to do is pack their hat!

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Our School Holiday Program is all About Making New Friends and Having Fun!

Your child will learn new skills in a safe, supportive and friendly environment. From interactive excursions to fun and engaging in-house experiences, we’ve taken care of everything, including all meals.

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All Inclusive Fees & Extended Hours

School Holiday Program Fees:
$83 per day. ALL INCLUSIVE of activities, excursions and meals AND less Childcare Subsidy for eligible families.

Holiday Care Hours:

21 Hope Street, Laidley, Queensland

Laidley School Holiday Program

Week 1

Monday, 20 September

English: Create a Haiku poem

Mathematics: Measuring out ingredients and making rock cakes with chef Jessie

Science: Check in on our Centre pets, give them food and water

The Arts: Creating origami artworks

Humanities & Social Science: Creating a new area for our room

Technologies: Watch an origami video

Health & Physical Education: Enjoy a picnic afternoon tea with our food that we have made

Culture & Languages: Learning how to belly dance

Tuesday, 21 September

English: Write your own review about the movie we saw today

Mathematics: UNO card games

Science: Check in on our Centre pets, give them food and water

The Arts: Draw a picture of a character in the movie

Humanities & Social Science: Share your movie reviews

Technologies: See a new release children’s movie at the Event cinemas at Toowoomba

Health & Physical Education: Enjoy a picnic lunch at picnic point and have some fun on the playground equipment

Culture & Languages: Deciphering the movie using movie terminology

Wednesday, 22 September

English: Bring a book from home and discuss with the group

Mathematics: What patterns can you create when making your beaded jewellery?

Science: Chemical reactions using various household items

The Arts: Create your own beautiful beaded jewellery masterpiece to keep for yourself or for a gift

Humanities & Social Science: Share our favourite family things to do on weekends

Technologies: Use digital cameras to document our day

Health & Physical Education: Ninja warrior course

Culture & Languages: Learning about middle eastern culture

Thursday, 23 September

English: Learning to write our name in Japanese

Mathematics: Tally our scores from our playcentre challenge

Science: Collect some natural treasures at the park

The Arts: Create a nature collage with our collected treasures

Humanities & Social Science: Write a narrative of our time at the park

Technologies: Take photos to add to our vacation care stories later in the week

Health & Physical Education: Exploring and conquering our indoor playcentre

Culture & Languages: Try some middle eastern music to dance to

Friday, 24 September

English: Write a story about your favourite thing from vacation care this week

Mathematics: Tally a score of our handball tournament

Science: Create marbled paper for our origami

The Arts: Origami craft artworks using marbled paper

Humanities & Social Science: Enjoy a game of celebrity head together

Technologies: Watch a movie on our projector screen

Health & Physical Education: Hand ball tournament

Culture & Languages: Perform our middle eastern belly dancing song for our centre

Week 2

Monday, 27 September

English: Reading about famous scientists

Mathematics: Measuring the ingredients and cooking damper with chef Jessie

Science: Ice experiments with colour

The Arts: Creating our own ‘pop its’

Humanities & Social Science: Discussing what we learnt about our famous scientists

Technologies: Taking photos of the day

Health & Physical Education: Practicing safe playing on our ninja obstacle course

Culture & Languages: Taste testing bush tucker foods

Tuesday, 28 September

English: Write a poem about flowers and nature

Mathematics: Complete puzzles and board games

Science: Rainbow flower experiment

The Arts: Create a short play to perform for the kindy kids

Humanities & Social Science: Share stories about your favourite adventures

Technologies: Using the camera take photos throughout the day to document our experiences

Health & Physical Education: Search the grounds for a game of scavenger hunt

Culture & Languages: Learning a traditional indigenous song

Wednesday, 29 September

English: Playing a game of Pictionary

Mathematics & Science: Visit the sensory garden at Fairways Parklands

The Arts: Draw a picture of the animals you saw today

Humanities & Social Science: Enjoy a picnic lunch together at the park before heading back to the Centre

Technologies: Using the camera take photos throughout the day

Health & Physical Education: Conquering the new playground at Fairways Parklands

Culture & Languages: Practising our indigenous song

Thursday, 30 September

English: Write a story about your favourite messy experience today

Mathematics: Op shopping using our maths skills to pay for good

Science: Messy Play experiences today, slime, salt dough, play dough

The Arts: Create and hang bird feeders for the trees in the yard

Humanities & Social Science: Interacting with the community at charity shops

Technologies and Health & Physical Education: Using the interactive whiteboard learn a dance on Just Dance

Culture & Languages: Practising our indigenous song

Friday, 1 October

English: Write a story on the outcomes of the day

Mathematics: Maths games with bug fractions

Science: Take care of the Centre pets

The Arts: Make medals for the winners of our bootcamp today

Humanities & Social Science: Creating teams to challenge each other

Technologies: Making a digital collage of our photos from vacation care

Health & Physical Education: Bootcamp competition with Jessie

Culture & Languages: Performing our indigenous song for our centre

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The staff are friendly and great at their jobs. So happy with this service!

My daughter attends vacation care at Paisley Park and the program is amazing! She has so much fun, meets a variety of new friends from schools all over the area and partakes in a large selection of exciting excursions.

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Our kids love the school holiday programs, they’re so happy…

My son and daughter both come home from school holiday care full of stories of the day and always look forward to going. I love not having to worry about packing lunches and I feel confident that my kids will be well fed and cared for and will enjoy themselves.

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