School Preparation Program

We at Paisley Park consider effective School Preparation as pertinent to, not only aid successful transition of children to School, but also a contributing factor to support long term learning and life success. With a focus on education through high quality teaching, our unique specialised program focuses on the building of dispositions such as; confidence, independence, resilience, autonomy and social competence.

For us our main priority is ensuring that our children feel a strong sense of who they are as we understand that positive self-esteem plays a major factor in children’s capacity to learn, therefore all of our experiences have this in mind. We believe that we can strengthen our children’s emotional and social development as well as support their academic knowledge by implementing a program that is not only in line with our Early Childhood Curriculum, the Early Years Learning Framework but one that also compliments the National School Curriculum.


To support children’s successful school transition, we commit to strengthening partnerships between local schools as we believe this approach contributes to developing awareness of school culture and expectations. Integral to this strategy is providing real opportunities to experience ‘School’ and in Guildford our children had this very opportunity.

In small groups, educators took our children on a bus to visit their local school in order to participate in the morning Kindergarten program. Packed with literacy and numeracy activities, Paisley Park children we able to experience the classroom environment and become familiar with the structure of the routine. This was a very exciting opportunity and our children developed some meaningful relationships with new friends.

Launched by ACARA (Australian Curriculum Assessment Reporting Authority), the National curriculum focuses on core foundational learning standards and we believe our children will benefit from making stronger connections to curriculum subjects such as Mathematics, English, Science, history etc. With expertise in this area, we have embraced more contemporary teaching methods and have considered how children’s daily experiences relate to the academic expectations of School teachers.

In implementing our unique approach we carefully assess the quality of each experience in order to ensure that activities support children’s current learning levels as well as School Syllabus content knowledge.

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Readiness Through A Contemporary Lens