Our Kitchen

The connection between learning and nutrition

In our experience, nurturing a child’s development begins with a strong focus on their physical wellbeing and at the heart of this is healthy eating.

With that in mind, we recruit qualified and experienced chefs to serve restaurant quality food which is meticulously prepared and creatively delivered. Seasonal produce is either grown at the centre by the children themselves, or sourced at the local markets.

Children learn more about food when they are involved in witnessing growth themselves and through nurturing our centre gardens, they experience this first hand. Every meal enjoyed, is done so in special dining spaces that foster social relationships, great opportunities for children to chat and learn about nutrition.

Key to this experience, is having access to authentic eating utensils which is why at all our centres, children use real crockery to help develop their independence and physical motor skills. The result is a healthy and positive connection with food from a very early age, positively impacting lifelong eating decisions.

Take Home Meals

We’re very excited to welcome chef extraordinaire, Miguel Maestre to the Paisley Park team. As a talented chef and father to young children himself, Miguel is truly passionate about teaching healthy eating habits early on in life and knows the positive effects it can have on little minds.

In collaboration with our Centre chefs, Miguel will be regularly updating our seasonal menus with his deliciously wholesome signature dishes and will hold regular educational sessions with our chefs to inspire them with new ideas and techniques.


Meet Miguel Maestre