Our Educational Core

Consistent with the Early Years Learning Framework (hover over title below), our educational programs are tailored to support the learning of children in a way that maximises their development. A core feature of our daily program is the focus on children’s autonomy and persistence which is why our playrooms are equipped with equipment that challenges learning and supports emerging interests.

Through observation and listening, we question and suggest new possibilities encouraging children to search and explore meaning in their lives. Educators are intentional in facilitating experiences where each child’s eagerness and curiosity is fostered and creative thinking encouraged.

The Early Years Learning Framework Parent Guide

EYLF Translations

Our Learning Space

Through the provision of nurturing home like spaces we have established an optimal learning atmosphere where children have opportunities to develop lifelong skills in comfortable surroundings. Our environments respond to children’s strengths and interests in a way that compliments individual learning styles and temperaments.

Educators pay special attention to the development of each child’s physical, personal, social, emotional and spiritual wellbeing as well as cognitive learning. We use deliberate decisions to provide challenging experiences and use strategies such as modelling, demonstrating, open questioning, speculating, explaining, and problem solving to encourage shared thinking.

We focus on maximising opportunities for children to imagine, create and explore using play as the vehicle to drive their discoveries. ‘The whole child’ takes centre stage in all of our holistic planning represented in daily reflections and validated in the journeys of individuals in personal portfolios.

Educators understand that transitions are vital to long term growth and success and therefore embed school preparation opportunities in daily experiences with transitioning children. We also acknowledge this as an important milestone for families ensuring that the journey is also a rewarding experience for them.

Our Creative Space

Nurturing a child’s imagination encourages divergent learning and we do this by including various materials that invite children to experiment creatively whilst exploring with artistic elements such as shape, colour, pattern, texture, tone and line.

Designed with a focus on inspiring the many languages children possess, our Art Centres are ample with natural and manmade resources such as clay, plaster, dough, paint, collage, drawing and print making implements used to motivate children to experiment independently and with their peers.

Our Music Space

At Paisley Park we recognise that music is an art form, an artistic vehicle for self-expression that trains the young brain for higher forms of thinking. Using this analogy we implement experiences that provide daily opportunities for children to explore various forms of music, such as contemporary, classical, traditional and modern.

We also consider the voice as a unique instrument each human being possesses, therefore encourage children to sing every day alongside peers and trained educators. The use of the body to express musical emotion is also considered important, therefore children at Paisley Park are encouraged to experiment and respond  to natural and produced sounds in their immediate environment.

Space for Information Technology

At Paisley Park we recognise the importance of technology in today’s world and implement learning experiences in our IT Hub that offer opportunities for children to explore various resources including iPods, iPads, Smartboards, Computers, Cameras and Projectors.

Technology is embedded in our daily experiences in order to complement our core learning centres. We embrace opportunities to better prepare children for our fast paced society and thus ensure that our experiences incorporate the use of the latest technology delivered by knowledgeable educators who tailor activities to challenge thinking and encourage creative expression.

Our Playground

At Paisley Park we have a deep respect for outdoor learning spaces and thus ensure that our children have the opportunity to explore the natural landscape in a park like atmosphere. Incorporating a balance of both natural and built resources, our children learn to appreciate what each community has to offer whilst simultaneously harnessing their physical skills using our unique centre resources.

Our playgrounds are rich in natural resources which complement man made resources in such a way that best support the physical development. Using each space to harness natural sunlight our children are exposed to challenging obstacles, private spaces and opportunities to explore with living things on a daily basis.

Our Literacy Space

At Paisley Park we acknowledge the importance of literacy education and therefore ensure that such experiences are plentiful throughout the day. With a focus on fostering learning in the areas of reading, writing, listening and speaking, daily opportunities harness the development of core skills facilitated across all age groups.

Common experiences include reading stories, drawing pictures, writing words and encouraging children use various ways to represent their thinking. Children are encouraged to identify common symbols in our rich text environment and explore varied language types as those represented in our community.