The Importance of Focussed Technology

In 2009 the Australian Government announced major reforms in education, and committed to improve approaches to increase learning outcomes for children. This brought about major changes to early childhood education, which impacted all Long Day Care Centres and Preschools across Australia. As a result, major changes have taken place in the way curriculum programs are implemented, especially for children entering formal school education.

In order to be more consistent, the Australian government focused strategies on linking programs in Long Day Care and Preschools to that of the Australian school curriculum. One of the key focus areas have been in the area of technology, or in other words, electronic forms of communication.




The use of information communication technologies have now been identified as important skills for all Australians to possess, so much so that the Early Years Learning Framework has identified these capabilities in children as imperative. Outcome 5 for example, includes the fundamental concepts and skills required for not only Literacy, Numeracy but also Information and Communication Technology.

In response to the above mentioned government initiatives, Paisley Park has committed to investing in high quality technological resources, as we consider these important to gain the necessary skills to prepare for a tech savvy world. It is now proven that children who use various search engines to acquire information, broaden their knowledge across various areas of subject matter. We have experienced this first hand in our investigations, using our Samsung Tablets and our 65 inch Smartboard Screen, recently installed in Guildford.

From researching habitats of Hermit Crabs, to accessing high quality educational applications, we have embedded technological use to complement our learning investigations and projects.

We encourage you to read more about how these experiences have supported your child’s learning as featured in reflections.

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