School Holiday Program Tinana

Designed for ages 5 to 12, our all-inclusive vacation care makes it so easy for you and fun for your child — all you have to do is pack their hat!

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Our School Holiday Program is all About Making New Friends and Having Fun!

Your child will learn new skills in a safe, supportive and friendly environment. From interactive excursions to fun and engaging in-house experiences, we’ve taken care of everything, including all meals.

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All Inclusive Fees & Extended Hours

School Holiday Program Fees:
$86 per day. ALL INCLUSIVE of activities, excursions and meals AND less Childcare Subsidy for eligible families.

Holiday Care Hours:

18 Woongool Road, Tinana, Queensland

Tinana School Holiday Program

Week 1

Monday, 4 April

English: Research dinosaurs and what fossils are

Mathematics: Monopoly – learning to use money and buy and trade properties

Science: Mixing colours – what colours can we make from our primary colours?

The Arts: Painting in the gardens, what realistic plants can you paint

Humanities & Social Science: Treasure hunt in the sandpit – looking for dinosaur fossils

Technologies: ‘Just Dance’ fun, using the interactive whiteboard

Health & Physical Education: Hide and seek and stuck in the mud games

Culture & Languages: Learning an AUSLAN song

Tuesday, 5 April

English: Write about your favourite things you have done so far this year

Mathematics: Enjoy some fun and friendly team competition with puzzles on the interactive whiteboard

Science: Create tiny forts using sticks, string and glue

The Arts: Sustainable art competition – using recycled objects

Humanities & Social Science: Celebrity head game

Technologies: Create a digital scrapbook together as a group

Health & Physical Education: Visit Little Monkeys Play Centre and explore (TBC)

Culture & Languages: Practising our AUSLAN song

Wednesday, 6 April

English: Research recipes to cook with our Centre Chef

Mathematics: Cook with Chef Haiden – measure ingredients for lunch

Science: Tie dye your own piece of clothing

The Arts: Explore the art of tie dying with a range of colours

Humanities & Social Science: Celebrity heads game

Technologies and Health & Physical Education: Using the interactive whiteboard learn a dance on just dance

Culture & Languages: Practising our AUSLAN song

Thursday, 7 April

English: Write a story about your favourite messy experience today

Mathematics: Measuring and following the directions to make the slime and the different types of dough

Science: Messy Play experiences today, slime, salt dough, play dough

The Arts: Create and hang bird feeders for the trees in the yard

Humanities & Social Science: Go on a bush kinder walk to collect items to create bird feeders

Technologies and Health & Physical Education: Using the interactive whiteboard learn a dance on just dance

Culture & Languages: Performing our AUSLAN song

Friday, 8 April

English: Write about what animals you saw at the sanctuary and facts you learnt about them

Mathematics: Connector Lego blocks competition

Science: Create your own marble game track

The Arts: Decorate our marble tracks

Humanities & Social Science: Visit the wildlife sanctuary and enjoy a picnic lunch

Technologies: Take photos on your adventure

Health & Physical Education: Build your own obstacle course and challenge your friends to complete it

Culture & Languages: Learn how to sign letters of alphabet

Week 2

Monday, 11 April

English: Select a book from our book shelf and we’ll practice our reading skills

Mathematics: Visit Maryborough Ten Pin bowling

Science: Creating our own science experiments

The Arts: Collage own arts and crafts

Humanities & Social Science: Guessing game – who am I?

Technologies: Research a topic of your choice and share it with your friends

Health & Physical Education: Talk about healthy and ‘sometimes’ foods in our diets

Culture & Languages: Learning AUSLAN words

Tuesday, 12 April

English: Research how to create your science experiment for the day

Mathematics: Cooking – measuring our ingredients

Science: Science experiments – making cloud dough, slime and volcano eruptions

The Arts: Learn an exercise and dance routine to perform later in the week

Humanities & Social Science: Caring for and looking after our Centre pets

Technologies: Using the cameras to take photos to record our vacation care fun

Health & Physical Education: Parachute group games incorporating balls

Culture & Languages: Learning an AUSLAN song

Wednesday, 13 April

English: Write and plan out how you are going to create your clay pot plant

Mathematics: UNO game at the Centre

Science: Explore the textures of the clay, what can you feel?

The Arts: Create your own pot plant using clay

Humanities & Social Science: Collect natural resources to create stamps on pot plants

Technologies: Research pot plants to create with clay

Health & Physical Education: Hopscotch with your friends at the centre

Culture & Languages: Practising our AUSLAN song

Thursday, 14 April

English: Write a loved one a letter

Mathematics: Enjoy some fun and friendly competition with puzzles on the interactive whiteboard as teams

Science: Create our own amazing feats of engineering using LEGO

The Arts: Perform dance routine you have been practicing

Humanities & Social Science: Celebrity head game

Technologies: See a new release movie at Maryborough cinemas

Health & Physical Education: Tepees and American Indians game

Culture & Languages: Performing our AUSLAN song

Friday, 15 April




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Why Families Love Our Vacation Care Program

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The staff are friendly and great at their jobs. So happy with this service!

My daughter attends vacation care at Paisley Park and the program is amazing! She has so much fun, meets a variety of new friends from schools all over the area and partakes in a large selection of exciting excursions.

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Our kids love the school holiday programs, they’re so happy…

My son and daughter both come home from school holiday care full of stories of the day and always look forward to going. I love not having to worry about packing lunches and I feel confident that my kids will be well fed and cared for and will enjoy themselves.

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