School Holiday Program Maryborough

Designed for ages 5 to 12, our all-inclusive vacation care makes it so easy for you and fun for your child — all you have to do is pack their hat!

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Our School Holiday Program is all About Making New Friends and Having Fun!

Your child will learn new skills in a safe, supportive and friendly environment. From interactive excursions to fun and engaging in-house experiences, we’ve taken care of everything, including all meals.

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All Inclusive Fees & Extended Hours

School Holiday Program Fees:
$100 per day. ALL INCLUSIVE of activities, excursions and meals AND less Childcare Subsidy for eligible families.

Holiday Care Hours:

123 Inkerman Street, Maryborough, Victoria

Maryborough School Holiday Program

Week 1

Monday, 5 April





Tuesday, 6 April

English: Story time – The 78 Story Tree House

Mathematics: Make our own numbers snap game

Science: Do they mix? Explore what happens when liquids and solids mix

The Arts: Making our own popsicle stick treehouse

Humanities & Social Science: Build your family tree, who is in your immediate family?

Technologies: Create a digital scrapbook together as a group

Health & Physical Education: Skip rope and double Dutch

Culture & Languages: Learning to introduce yourself in AUSLAN

Wednesday, 7 April

English: Write a comic page and create a super hero

Mathematics: Make our own pairs game

Science: Mix those colours, paint with prime colours and mix to get secondary colours

The Arts: Illustrate your super hero from your comic page

Humanities & Social Science: Where do your families come from, what is your cultural background?

Technologies: Investigate how things work

Health & Physical Education: Making a fruit salad for World Health Day

Culture & Languages: Practising our AUSLAN introduction

Thursday, 8 April

English: Challenge your mind with our multi level brain challenge

Mathematics: Make raspberry white chocolate muffins

Science: Sensory bags made by you

The Arts: Drawing pictures of birds seen out in the environment

Humanities & Social Science: Dramatic play and dress up

Technologies: Watching a movie together at the centre

Health & Physical Education: Hopscotch and tic tac toe

Culture & Languages: Practising our AUSLAN introduction

Friday, 9 April

English: Story time – Captain Underpants

Mathematics: Making and identifying shapes in nature

Science: Creating our own recycled parts birds’ nests

The Arts: Drawing your emotions

Humanities & Social Science: Guessing game – which country is that?

Technologies: Investigate how paper is made from trees

Health & Physical Education: Learn and practice yoga postures

Culture & Languages: Learning an AUSLAN song to perform at the centre

Week 2

Monday, 12 April

English: Share our favourite books with each other

Mathematics: Build towers with natural blocks

Science: Create a water proof house

The Arts: Learn an exercise and dance routine to perform later in the week

Humanities & Social Science: Make playdough faces to express your emotions through dough

Technologies: Watching a movie together at the centre

Health & Physical Education: Soccer skills with balls

Culture & Languages: Learning AUSLAN animal signs

Tuesday, 13 April

English: Making words with Scrabble

Mathematics: Do a 3D puzzle as a group

Science: Research plants that can be planted at this time of year and plant our own seedlings

The Arts: Paint a flower portrait

Humanities & Social Science: Who is Captain Cook?

Technologies: Create a handwashing flip book for the Einstein and Picasso children

Health & Physical Education: Research basketball rules

Culture & Languages: Learning an AUSLAN song to perform later in the week

Wednesday, 14 April

English: Write about the things you want to achieve in 2021

Mathematics: Explore multiplication with units

Science: Create a rain chart and research other ways to measure rain and weather

The Arts: Research face painting and then paint each other’s faces

Humanities & Social Science: Draw up an image of our community and the places we know in town

Technologies: Use digital cameras to document our day in our journals

Health & Physical Education: 10 pins in the yard

Culture & Languages: Practising our AUSLAN song

Thursday, 15 April

English: Discuss as a group what our favourite things to do over the holidays are

Mathematics: Make a graph of the pets we own

Science: Explore in the yard and collect nature samples

The Arts: Practice our exercise and dance routine

Humanities & Social Science: Places you have been exercise

Technologies: Create a digital scrapbook together as a group

Health & Physical Education: Maintenance of the vegetable garden

Culture & Languages: Practising our AUSLAN song

Friday, 16 April

English: Write a story about our vacation care week

Mathematics: Measure each other and categorise our heights

Science: Use magnifying glasses to get a closer look at the nature samples we collected yesterday

The Arts: Perform the exercise and dance routine we learnt through the week

Humanities & Social Science: Sustainability – water the gardens, check the animals have enough food and water

Technologies: Watch a movie together in the centre

Health & Physical Education: Our own healthy pyramid

Culture & Languages: Performing our AUSLAN song

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Why Families Love Our Vacation Care Program

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The staff are friendly and great at their jobs. So happy with this service!

My daughter attends vacation care at Paisley Park and the program is amazing! She has so much fun, meets a variety of new friends from schools all over the area and partakes in a large selection of exciting excursions.

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Our kids love the school holiday programs, they’re so happy…

My son and daughter both come home from school holiday care full of stories of the day and always look forward to going. I love not having to worry about packing lunches and I feel confident that my kids will be well fed and cared for and will enjoy themselves.

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