School Holiday Program Laidley

Designed for ages 5 to 12, our all-inclusive vacation care makes it so easy for you and fun for your child — all you have to do is pack their hat!

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Our School Holiday Program is all About Making New Friends and Having Fun!

Your child will learn new skills in a safe, supportive and friendly environment. From interactive excursions to fun and engaging in-house experiences, we’ve taken care of everything, including all meals.

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All Inclusive Fees & Extended Hours

School Holiday Program Fees:
$86 per day. ALL INCLUSIVE of activities, excursions and meals AND less Childcare Subsidy for eligible families.

Holiday Care Hours:

21 Hope Street, Laidley, Queensland

Laidley School Holiday Program

Week 1

Monday, 4 April

English: Design the front cover of your journal

Mathematics: UNO card games

Science: Sensory walk around Fairways Park

The Arts: Collect flowers and leaves for our art project later in the week

Humanities & Social Science: Share our family stories

Technologies: Use the centre camera to document our day

Health & Physical Education: Enjoy a picnic lunch at Picnic Point and have some fun on the playground at Fairways

Culture & Languages: Try some of the bush tucker plants at the park

Tuesday, 5 April

English: Write your own journal entry

Mathematics: Brain teaser games

Science: Check in on our Centre pets, give them food and water

The Arts: Create some jewellery or a keychain using resin

Humanities & Social Science: Trust exercises and games with the other Da Vinci children

Technologies: Use the centre camera to take photos of our resin art

Health & Physical Education: Enjoy lunch outside having a picnic and outdoor learning

Culture & Languages: Help to look after our bush tucker garden

Wednesday, 6 April

English: Write a review about our movie in your journal

Mathematics: Work out the prices of the movie ticket and popcorn

Science: Research what herbs are good for bees

The Arts: Create your own poster for the movie

Humanities & Social Science: Share your movie reviews

Technologies: See a new release movie at Cineplex Redbank

Health & Physical Education: Create our new garden

Culture & Languages: Bush tucker research on new plants to add

Thursday, 7 April

English: Write a story about our day in our journal

Mathematics: Design a recipe and method for a new recipe to make

Science: Experiment with different ingredients to make a new food

The Arts: Draw a picture of your new food design

Humanities & Social Science: Taste test everyone’s culinary creations

Technologies: Use the centre camera to take photos of all the food creations

Health & Physical Education: Obstacle course to challenge your agility

Culture & Languages: Try foods from different countries

Friday, 8 April

English: Write a story in your journal about your day

Mathematics: Measure out our recipe to make damper

Science: Observe the dough rising and document how big it gets

The Arts: Create an Easter basket from paper decorating with the flowers and leaves we collected

Humanities & Social Science: Research different ways people celebrate Easter

Technologies: Watch an Easter movie at the centre

Health & Physical Education: Hand ball tournament

Culture & Languages: Research different cultural beliefs around Easter

Week 2

Monday, 11 April

English: write in our journal what we are excited about for Easter

Mathematics: UNO flip challenge

Science: Creating coloured eggs through transfer experiment

The Arts: Decorate our coloured eggs

Humanities & Social Science: Celebrating Easter by doing Easter activities

Technologies: Taking photos of the day

Health & Physical Education: Research some healthy options for Easter

Culture & Languages: Learn where the tradition of coloured eggs came from

Tuesday, 12 April

English: Write a story about your favourite part of the day in your journal

Mathematics: Mark our scores when we play laser tag

Science: Work out how the laser tag game works

The Arts: Create a short play to perform for the kindy kids

Humanities & Social Science: Share your stories about your favourite adventures

Technologies: Visit timezone and play some computer games and laser tag

Health & Physical Education: Visit the Orion Springfield park for picnic and lunch

Culture & Languages: Learn different cultural traditions of Easter

Wednesday, 13 April

English: Write a story about the Easter bunny and what we are doing over Easter

Mathematics: Chess tournament

Science: Magnetic vs electric conductivity experiment

The Arts: Draw a picture of what we think the Easter bunny looks like

Humanities & Social Science: Reasearch the history of the chocolate Easter egg

Technologies: Using the camera document the day

Health & Physical Education: Picnic lunch together at the Yarning Circle

Culture & Languages: Lunch from around the world taste test different foods

Thursday, 14 April

English: Make an Easter card for our family

Mathematics: Op shopping using our maths skills to pay for goods

Science: Using the GPS locator find on the map where we are going

The Arts: Create and hang bird feeders for the trees in the yard

Humanities & Social Science: Interacting with the community at charity shops

Technologies: Documenting our find on the app for the geocaching

Health & Physical Education:  Geocaching around the area finding hidden capsules

Culture & Languages: Easter hunt within the centre

Friday, 15 April



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Why Families Love Our Vacation Care Program

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The staff are friendly and great at their jobs. So happy with this service!

My daughter attends vacation care at Paisley Park and the program is amazing! She has so much fun, meets a variety of new friends from schools all over the area and partakes in a large selection of exciting excursions.

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Our kids love the school holiday programs, they’re so happy…

My son and daughter both come home from school holiday care full of stories of the day and always look forward to going. I love not having to worry about packing lunches and I feel confident that my kids will be well fed and cared for and will enjoy themselves.

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